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assembly of technologies
Křižíkova 68
660 90 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel.: (+420) 532 045 952
Fax: (+420) 532 045 953

Technical equipment of the company:

Welding equipment:
Fronius 2000 TIG
Fronius 1600 TIG
Fronica TIG 161 H
KEMPI 1400
UTA 200-1
VTU 320
VTU 500
Autogenous sets for welding and cutting

Any and all standard hand tools

Electrical tools:
Angle grinding machines from 125 to 230 mm
High-speed grinding burrs
Drilling machines including impact drills and drill hammers Hilti
Drivers – screwdrivers
Outer screw cutting machines up to 3“
Electrical drying ovens
Electrical switch cupboards with built-in metering
Plastic assembly equipment
Pipe bevelling equipment
Pipe bending equipment
Metal reciprocating saws

Lifting equipment:
Chain, rope and rack jacks
Palletising trucks
We can provide cranes by way of sub-contracting upon the customer’s or job requirements.

Mobile equipment:
Ford Tranzit – case
UNIMO cabins and storing containers
Trucks upon the job requirements and character.

Provided by way of sub-contracts in line with the character of the assembly.