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assembly of technologies
Křižíkova 68
660 90 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel.: (+420) 532 045 952
Fax: (+420) 532 045 953

Basic information on the company:

KP - MONT s.r.o. Brno was established on 1.1.1996 with the objective of providing potential business partners with comprehensive services in the assembly of technologies and steel structures, and supplies within large technology and building investments projects.

Based on its rich experience and technical competence KP – MONT is able to provide top quality services both on the Czech and foreign market.

Subject of business activities:

  • assembly of machines and technologies, including reserved gas equipment and equipment for nuclear power plants VVER 440 and VVER 1000,

  • design for capital investments,

  • manufacture and assembly of steel structures, machine engineering production,

  • trading, procurement and intermediary activities,

  • supplier’s activities – shop manufacture and pre-manufacture of piping, steel structures, tanks, machines,

  • painting, surface finishing of technologies,

  • building.


Sewage treatment plants, drinking water purification plants, reserved nuclear, chemical and petrochemical equipment Storage tanks, silos, water reservoirs, steel structures, and machines for technological units.


The company has 50 experienced, competent professionals – technicians, welders, pipe fitters and fitters.

The numbers of employees are mobilized based on the customer’s requirements and job scope.

Scope of welding certificates:

Welding operators have been re-trained pursuant to the pertinent Euro standards, in the field of argon or CO2 arc shielded welding, manual, semi-automatic or automatic, and covered electrode welding for materials class 11-12, 15 and 17.